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The instructors are knowledgeable and professional. The facility is clean and spacious. The environment is fun friendly and laid-back. What are you looking to learn self-defense, become a pro athlete, or just meet your physical goals this is the place to be!

Victor Torres

The family oriented atmosphere is magnetic. I recommend everyone at least stop by to see for yourself. Best rolls I ever had!!

J Broew

The best Brazilian Jiu jitsu in Spokane! Professor James Weed and his team are great to train with and outstanding at what they do. Always welcoming to visitors to the academy I enjoy the training environment they’ve created and the people who train here. This is not my home academy but when I drop in to train with these guys it feels like home. I would recommend Newborn Cascao to everyone looking for world class jiu jitsu in the Spokane area!

Jeff Walther

My wife and I just got married when we started BJJ. We are both outdoor enthusiasts that include rock climbing at the local Wild Walls gym and local crag, to skydiving in the Pacific.
What we discovered since going to Newborn is a lot of similarities in personalities that are humble and kind with a good sense of humor. The coaches take pride in their teaching and demonstrate patience. The younger class is great for building kids and the coaches work with each kid to help build confidence. It is truly something worth checking out for a free class.

kyle nichols

Whether you’re learning jiu jitsu or Muay Thai for self-defense or for professional fighting this is a world class gym that is super inclusive and accepting. Everyone is welcome! My partner and I have been training with this amazing group of coaches and teammates for three years now and it’s been our best experience in Spokane! Just drop in for a class if you can, I garuntee you’ll love it!

Also, as a woman, this is a safe place with a female coach who has the best Muay Thai in Eastern Washington. She the kindest and most strong person I’ve ever met! I highly highly recommend her classes to everyone!

Alyssa Doloughan

The moment I stepped into the gym, I was welcomed with open arms. On the first day, I was instantly treated like family by the instructors and students. The students were friendly and were more than willing to help you. The environment is incredible and the attitude is always very positive! Joining Newborn was hands down the best decision I’ve made since moving here!

Andrew Tapalla

It’s amazing, they really care about the children, they make it funny, exciting, and keep the kids engaged. Coach Sarah & James are an outstanding team, the way their energy bounces off of each other, they make the kids want to train hard, to make us all proud, all of the coaches & students, working together to help each other, with everyone teaching, and learning, it’s phenomenal. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to help mold my little man into a great man.

Davina Young

It’s a great experience and they also do Muay Thai on Tuesdays and Thursdays 👍 Give it a try

Adasha Gardner

A tight-knit community of humble professionals. Newborn has solid information systems that handles all administrative issues. A very low stress and welcoming environment.

Michael Segaline

Without question, the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Eastern Washington. James Weed (Black Belt under Walter “Cascao” Vital) is a great teacher and an even better person. If you’re looking to compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there are several World Champions training at Newborn-Cascao. If you’re looking for fitness or self defense, there are plenty of weekend warriors who are always there to welcome you to the team. If you’re looking for a place to bring your children, there is not a more patient teacher in Spokane than Coach James and Coach Sarah. Definitely stop by and try a class!

Jason Smith

Best gym, they scoop you right up and treat you like family. Great teachers, I have learned so much in just a few short weeks. I look forward to this all week!

Vandelle Dowell

I was visiting from CA for a few days. I called ahead and spoke with James who welcomed me to train. Great class and tough group of guys. They offer gi and no-gi classes. I will definitely be back to this gym on my next visit to Spokane. Highly recommend.


Visiting from out of town and was welcomed like family! Thank you for the great hospitality! Oss!
James Wright

James Wright

I visited the gym while traveling from California. The instruction is excellent and the people are friendly and hospitable. Kudos to James and the Newborn tribe. I would recommend this gym to anyone looking for high level jiu-jitsu and a chill environment.

Dominic Pugliese

There hasn’t been a day go by since the last time I was in this gym that I haven’t studied, practiced, dreampt of or planned for my future in BJJ. The instructors are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, encouraging and all around amazing. The environment with the other students is more like a family, they instantly show you respect and what that really means, they cultivate your skill growth while working on their own and only add to the experience in every way. If you’re competitive? Great this place will help you get there. Looking for an outlet? Perfect come here. Want to feel safer and trust your abilities when the worst happens? Your confidence will grow exponentially as Newborn shows you the ropes. Want to make your child grow in all aspects of life with the best outlook you can give them? This is the best present you can give them. IF YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF AND JUST WANT TO BEAT PEOPLE UP AND MUSCLE YOUR WAY AROUND go waste someone else’s time, you will be humbled and asked to leave very quickly, it’s obvious. Had to come Write this review because I haven’t been back in some time and I literally can not get my mind off of it. And if you don’t get bit by the bug I did? Give it a few tries, I guarantee you’ll get something out of the experience.

Eli E

One of the best BJJ schools in the Inland NW I have ever been a part of. James and his coaches are some of the best I have ever trained with.

Jesus Moreno

It’s a good place for Brazilian juijitzu. Love the people there.

Ben Spotts

Incredible gym and coaches! I’ve learned a lot about myself because of this organization. James and JJ are incredible teachers. Newborn is family, what else can I say.

B Ferguson

Very welcoming

B Nusbaum

Great instructors, everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help you learn. Be prepared to spar day 1.

Chad “chadlol” Ohl

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