I’ve never done this before but I have lived local my entire life. Recently I became a mother and my son is just now eight months old. I’m a single mother. I’ve done jiu jitsu for years and during pregnancy I trained and at six months pregnant I went to the gym for the last time….. I go to Newborn cascao in Spokane. My coach owns it and his name is James Weed. This is not about me…… I just recently have experienced such amazing human nature that blows me away and single mothers in this area who feel that they can’t do jiu jitsu is wrong for one reason. My gym. At six months pregnant I belt tested to purple belt. I have been back training full time with my infant along side me. The first day I went back I was biting my nails nervous. Worrying he might cry or scream or throw a fit while my coach was teaching class or that I would drive all the way out to this gym for nothing. I got there and someone immediately took my baby and told me to get changed. I got changed and came out on the mat. By this time warm up was starting and my coach was walking around holding my son in his arms…. Gi on and all the while his class started routine. When warm up was done he handed my infant to the first person front and center and began to teach a move. Once done he picked him back up and walked around, baby in arms, correcting students as he went. Then this continued all night. Once class was done someone helped walk me out to my car and told me drive home safe.
The second night…… The same thing. This has continued for three months. I have never worried about going to the gym with my infant. This is the type of thing that I wish people knew…… Maybe you aren’t the person to go to but I just hope that women in this area know there is hope. Jiu jitsu is the best thing for women’s self defense and especially single mothers. Every day I’m there someone helps out. Newborn Walter Cascao….. This is your protige. Thank you. So much love and support.

Fantastic school for the entire family. I searched for several years for a jiujitsu school in Spokane and wasn’t happy until I found this one. The kid classes are a ton of fun. The adult classes are challenging and at the same time foster a learning environment. No ego in here, which is common in many gyms, and every student and teacher is there to help you learn, not to beat you down. These classes are great exercise and excellent self defense training!

I went to check out The Cascao jiu jitsu gym for 1 reason. And that was to determine if I was passionate about the environment and whether or not I would give up my amateur Boxing career for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’d just like to say that the second my little toe stepped in the facility, I was acknowledged and shown respect. As a 16 year old in high school, these are qualities I have to scrap for. I felt the bond and to be honest I was tickled pink. Thanks to James and all of the other jits who gave me the attention. One day in the near future I plan to be apart of your team! Thanks again.

James and his team were super open and accepting. Wish I would have had more time to train with them. Good people!

Best bjj in Spokane!!! Ooss

Absolutely respect and love this gym!! Will not go anywhere else. Best and most honorable instructor ever!! Thank you.

Newborn Cascao Jiu Jitsu is hands down the best place to train in the area. Newborn Cascao Jiu Jitsu is well known for its camaraderie and support amongst the team. It is also well known for its competitive record. I, for one, really appreciate James’ teaching style and personality. He is incredibly good with kids and is always ready to listen to you or your kid’s needs. He is genuinely interested in what you are interested in. I won’t go anywhere else.