Covid-19 Schedule of Classes

Newborn is open for business under phase 2, but we are limited to a small number (5) students per class. In order to allow you an equal opportunity to train we are allowing you to choose the class you would like to attend.

If you are already registered with the website you can fill out the form and save your spot. If you have not registered/signed up, please sign up with the website, and then come back to the class you would like to reserve your spot in and register for that class. This class will be available until we reach the limit of five students signing up for this class.


March 3, 2020

Monday 6AM
7 spots available.
Signed up:
  • Jaryl Varona
  • Gage Houghton
  • Royal Mortier

August 3, 2020

Monday 9AM
3 spots available.
Signed up:
  • Roman Romanovets
  • Damion Montoya
  • Cody Cantu
  • Chad Bradley
  • Zack Martinez
  • Philip Stanton
  • Julio
Monday 12 Noon – Women only
0 spots available.
Signed up:
  • Karina kissick
  • Katelyn Cantu
  • jasmine sams
  • Savannah Hill-Martin
  • Chelsie Diaz
  • Randie Douse
  • Ryan Douse
  • Adam Le
  • Eddie Hopkins
  • Donnie kissick

August 7, 2020

Monday 6:30 PM
1 spots available.
Signed up:
  • Kyle Breeding
  • James Cusick
  • Johnson Tran
  • Mason Thompson
  • Fernando Camargo
  • Joe Novo
  • Marc Sowder
  • Kris pflugh
  • isaac moore